Friday, June 12, 2009

Rohan PH - GM Commands


Unfortunately the speedhack just got patch as of June 29, 2009. I am currently working on making the cheat possible again. Please bear with me as of the moment and check this site daily for some news. Thank you. PS the multiclient is still working you just have to patch the loader.

This is the rohanclient.exe w/ gm commands in it. I made it using OllyDBG and credits go to Sorien for the tutorial

How to use:

1. Download this link here:

2. Paste the files into your Rohan folder, and overwrite the rohanclient

3. Start the Install file

4. Start the multiclient to start the game

5. Enjoy

GM Commands that work:


/gmspeed 1-100 <- This is for movespeed only /cammode <- Walk through walls,mountains and etc. PS. It wont DC if you did exactly the steps.

Still working after the maintenance of June 11, 2009